13 July 2012

The End of an Era

I can’t believe it’s the last day. The past two weeks have been incredible and eye-opening. I never, in my wildest dreams imagined that the whole experience would be anything like this. The friendly, funny and gorgeous ladies of the 17team are so much better than one could ever imagine.
Yesterday we had the shoot for the Ed’s letter and for the Shakira competition winner as well as the fashion intern. Getting glammed up was super fun and I loved the dress I was wearing. It was fun, but a little bit hard to keep up a smile that looked genuine, but I think I managed. I can’t believe that I’ll be able to say that’s me when I see the October issue. Today I finally got past my mental block and finished my Ed’s letter early in the day. I’m so relieved that I could actually think of something to say. For the last lunch we decided to keep it local by going to the deli downstairs (we didn’t really have much of a choice because it was raining and there was hail, and braving the weather just did not seem worth it).
It’s been really interesting and fun being with another group of interns this week, they’re a completely different bunch of girls, but they’re just as fun to work with. I’m so glad that I got to meet them and I hope that in the future we’ll all be setting the magazine world on fire. 
“All endings are also beginnings; we just don’t know it at the time.”- Mitch Albom 
Yours in fashion
Litha, editor’s intern

A week full of fun, laughter, hard work, good food and lots of learning has come to an end.  Busy with some collages and layouts in Indesign and I can't believe I'm typing my last entry for the blog.  This was an amazing experience, I enjoyed every day of it and it's gonna feel so weird to attend class on Monday. Gonna miss all my new friends, the 17 crew and, of course, the delicious cupcakes.  Thanks to the team for their patience, guidance and all the dedication they put into this awesome magazine every month. It's so good to know I will have a small part in the October issue. I think we just saw snow in Cape Town - or we would like to believe it was snow - nevertheless we are putting a last few hours into work before the weekend starts. Leaving with some awesome memories today.  Thank you seventeen for this wonderful opportunity, just love my favourite magazine even more.
Ancimi, Art Intern

Wow I cannot believe that it is already Friday! It makes me so sad to think that I won’t be coming back here on Monday. This week has been so great and filled with awesome moments that make me more sure than ever that this is where I want to be. And that I can do it! The Intern Academy is a really awesome opportunity and it was so nice meeting and getting to know 17team and my fellow interns! Yesterday was a lot of fun because there were some photo shoots going on in the office and we all loved watching the shoot and seeing the beautiful clothes, hair and make-up!
I better get back to work because I still have lots to do before this experience is officially over. Now now my fellow intern Ray and I are going to walk along Long Street and find people with awesome fashion and take pictures of them for the Street Style section, how cool!
Danielle, Features Intern 

Along came rain, along came tears.
I hate saying goodbye, but seems like that's the highlight for today, so I decided to take a look at my week at seventeen magazine. I remember first day, when all interns had to introduce themselves, some were nervous and others were excited, and no one was thinking about the last day. I know I was glad that I was sitting on that lips couch and ready to work with Taugheedah, did I mention that she is beautiful in person? Well, now you know. It all felt like first day of school again. I managed to explore the world of a fashion editor, the styling and the putting together of outfits. I have learnt so much from everyone in the office and I am also inspired by the different personalities in the office, it's like each of them has a story to tell, look at Judi (the Art intern) for instance she is completely artistic. Roxanne has this sweet face and I admire them all, Janine (Editor) is so FASHIONABLE... she looks calm in her own world  She knows how to make people laugh hard.
My days spent with Gouwah was amazing. She is the word FUN and I respect her view on fashion, I mean who wouldn't when you have the lovely Taugheedah as the Fashion editor. Ok, now I'm getting teary as I'm writing this, it's sad that I'm left with an hour and then my week at seventeen will be done. Everything has it's time. I going to miss Ancimi, Danielle, Litha and Shenaaz.
Everyday is a memory and everyone you meet is an INSPIRATION. I love seventeen!
Gomolemo "Ray",  Fashion Intern

12 July 2012

Going Behind-the-Scenes

I finished my article today, it feels so good to have worked on it and gotten feedback from Jessica until it was perfect for the magazine. I'm so excited to see it in print in the October issue, it's going to be beyond amaze! It's a long wait, but it will be worth it to see all of our work come together. Today everyone is working hard and having fun. It’s really nice when there is music is playing in the office. Some of the songs reminded the 17team of break-ups and memories past. It got me thinking about the power a song can hold, how lyrics really grab people and how random words can be put together in all sorts of ways, but there times when the way words are put together is simply genius. And that's what seventeen does month after month. Not only do they string together words, but the images, designs and colours all go together and I love it! I felt that, since I’m talking all about words, a quote is in need. So...“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. - Audrey Hepburn
Danielle, Features Intern

My morning started slowly, my head was hurting and I had stomach cramps - everything was just going badly. So I got to work and had coffee. Then, when Taugheedah told me I should get ready for the shoot, my face sparkled instantly and I was like 'Ohhh yeah!' I got ready for the shoot, I'd picked out my own outfit yesterday, so I was ready for the LIGHTS, CAMERA and ACTION. I felt like I was in my own fairy tale movie, me being the fashionable princess, waiting for my prince charming. Today was so memorable and I would not trade it for anything. I'm still kinda sad that tomorrow will be the last day, I'm going to miss this environment, Shenaaz, Litha, Ancimi and Danielle. I think the bad morning was a good thing, it showed me how bad starts can turn out great. I know my friends Star, Kay and Rocka would just die for this amazing experience but hey, every girl has her fairy tale day! Just wait...
Signing out XoXo
Gomolemo, Fashion Intern

It's raining outside, which actually goes well with the Thursday blues we are all experiencing because tomorrow we're saying goodbye to a week full of laughter, "wow" moments, hard work and cupcakes.  This morning I got creative with collages in Indesign and Photoshop. I had a wonderful lunch downstairs with my fellow interns and when I came back, I witnessed my first photo shoot! I was so curious to see what went down and I was even allowed to take behind-the-scenes pictures. Plus, there were the most gorgeous bright green shoes they used for the shoot. It's awesome to be part of something like this. The fun really doesn't stop here at 17, still having a blast. 
Ancimi, Art Intern

Today is finally the day of the photo shoot. In the morning, I tried valiantly to work on my Ed’s letter - I’m probably on the sixth variation right now. Hopefully my mind block will dissipate within the next hour or so. Who knows when inspiration will strike? At lunch today, we had a stimulating political debate - we’re more than just beauties. It is so interesting to go behind the scenes on a shoot. The transformative powers of make-up take a pretty, ordinary girl and make her gorgeous and extraordinary. Though I think the confidence one gets from feeling beautiful cannot be captured in words. I’m super excited to be in front of the camera, although a tad nervous. Facebook photos are a completely different matter from a professional photographer. I guess one must make some sacrifices in the name of fashion. “Happy girls are the prettiest.”- Audrey Hepburn 

Yours in fashion
Litha, editor’s intern

So this morning on my way to the seventeen office as I walked down the street, everyone I passed turned to look at me. I recall getting a few comments and an unmistakable "Yoh!" The reason being, I had a ridiculously large bow in my hair. I hadn't expected all the attention, but still found it quite amusing. I like to make a statement, so at times I find myself donning something even my friends admit they wouldn't be brave enough to try. That's how my day started off and it just got better. It's photos galore here today and super fun! I mean, what girl doesn't like all things glamorous? Technically, this is my last day at the office because I'll be at a photo studio tomorrow with Genevieve. So leaving the office today will be bittersweet. All the interns are sort of bonding today as well, which is cool. We're all just trying to make the most of this experience. :)

Beauty and love

Shenaaz, beauty intern

11 July 2012

Never Want it to End

I cannot believe that we are already halfway through our week! It’s crazy stuff, but I’m glad that we still have some time left. Today the sun is shining through the large glass windows and it makes the room brighter and everyone happier. All us interns love the days we get to spend here, and the experiences and lessons that come along with them. I cannot stop thinking about the cupcakes we had yesterday! Totes amaze! I did not want to ruin the pretty designs but I was glad I did because they tasted so good, ah success is sweet. Here's to a great rest of day and amazing end of the week. Going to spend some time pouring over the latest gossip and fashion trends now!
Danielle, Features Intern

I can't even think about the fact that we're leaving on Friday - just two days left! But the fun hasn't stopped. Today I finished browsing for picture for some of the careers stories and took a nice lunch at the Bakoven. When I got back to the office, Sally gave me icons and a variety of pictures to start a collage with in Indesign. It was so much fun doing my own thing! I speak for all of the interns when I say we don't want this week to end. I just love knowing that it's possible for my hobby to be my future career. It actually feels weird that we didn't get cake today, but I think maybe that's a good thing.
Ancimi, Art Intern

Today, Shenaaz, Gouwah and I went sourcing for clothes for the shoots that'll be taking place tomorrow. The day was more outdoor then indoor and I have to admit, it was a big fashion blast. For me, it was also a tour as I come from Pretoria and I always wanted to explore Canal Walk, not forgetting Long Street! Our journey started Canal Walk as we had to go source at Jay Jays, Zoot, The Lot and the amazing jewellery store Lovisa. Lovisa is the best thing invented, I just went gaga over it - talk about being the centre of attraction. After Canal Walk, we invaded the longest street in Cape Town and headed to Journey, A-List and Vintage. Vintage was my favourite stop - the store was completely vintage! I loved everything about it - the bags, the deco, the owner and, of course, myself in it. I wish I could take the whole store home with me. Fashion was in the air today, it was everywhere and I could feel it in the streets. I call this day a Long Canal Fashion Street day!
Gomolemo, Fashion intern

Today I finished my Mission article for the October issue, which is beyond exciting because it took a lot of hard work and research, and it’s gratifying to see the piece finally come together. While I finished my article, the beauty and fashion interns got to go and source clothes. I’m so excited to see what they picked up for tomorrow’s shoot. Seeing as I finished my article today, Janine gave me the extremely tough task of reviewing the annual Hot Boys supplement. After taking a look and trying to come up with a list of new hotties, I am left with only one question, WHERE ARE ALL THE LOCAL HOTTIES? I also realised that we love the jocks, actors and musicians, but we’re leaving behind the smart guys. We’ve got to start embracing the nerds. It’s a serious crisis that we have on our hands because we simply can’t find any! Even though this is a super fun task, the editor’s letter that still needs to be written is at the back of my mind. I must say I’m astounded that it’s Wednesday already, time really does fly when you’re having fun.“Some women choose to follow men, some choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you.”- Lady GagaYours in fashionLitha, Editor's Intern I learnt so much today. Yesterday, I was told that we’d be going ‘sourcing’ and, at the time, I had no idea what that meant. It turns out it's going out to find clothing for shoots and basically borrowing it from the shops for a period of time. Pretty simple, hey? You have to keep things in mind like what the shoot is for, what season it is etc. It's like going to fashion Narnia, until the realisation that the clothes aren't for you hits you and you're transported back to life. But that doesn't stop it from being fun. :) I also got to experience a stills photo shoot for some of the beauty products, which was really cool.Another thing I learnt is not to be afraid to ask questions - everyone here is really helpful. They're like one big family. I know that that sounds so cliche, but it couldn't be more true. We read seventeen every month, but I don't think we really realise how much work goes into everything so that it turns out the way it does. The people that work behind the scenes are really pretty amazing.High heels & Lip glossShenaaz, Beauty Intern


10 July 2012

A Cake a Day...

Yesterday’s first day butterflies are gone and day 2 went well. I'm more comfortable now that the surroundings are more familiar. However, I don't think the doors in this building like me very much - I either can't get them open or they close too hard! 
I love that, as a beauty intern, I don't have to do the same thing all the time. The fashion & beauty storeroom has me head over heels! It's like heaven in there :)
Gomolemo (fashion intern) and I just came back from lunch and she mentioned that everyone who walked past (the kitchen) was always smiling and I replied: "Why wouldn't they be? They have the best jobs ever." I realise that this job requires passion and commitment, The best? Your love for your job somehow shows in the end product.
I love being here and working with Genevieve. Like the rest of the team, she's very chilled.
Shenaz, Beauty Intern

Today was all about work: when I got in, I was immediately given three tasks by Gouwah, the fashion assistant, and had to finish off the task given to me by Taugheedah, the fashion editor.
First, I had to pack the bikinis according to their sizes and patterns and then unpack the sunglasses from SDM. Next, I had to compile outfits for the shoots taking place on Thursday and Friday. The third task was to put together my own outfit for a shoot that will also take place this week and obviously I'm overwhelmed. I love all the work and, even though Taugheedah wasn’t in today, I’m looking forward to asking her some questions. Almost forgot to mention that we had cake in the office and it was very tasty – Litha took some pics! Talk about a great work environment – I’m loving every moment of this experience.
Gomolemo, fashion intern

After a ridiculously late arrival at the office today, I got stuck straight into working on my article. I am happy to say that my first draft is pretty much complete! I still have to add a few bits and pieces to get it to be worthy of publishing, but I am excited because I’ve worked on it for a while now. The next magazine mountain that I have to conquer is my editor’s letter. This is a bit tougher to do than writing an article because it’s what I have to say to the readers. But I do love a challenge. Today I had to give the resident fashionistas an idea of what I’d like to wear on the shoot on Thursday. It’s so fun to be part of something so undeniably glamorous. I can’t wait until the October issue’s cover joins the wall of past issues. Getting to be part of creating the issue is beyond exciting! Of course we finished the day off with loads and loads of cake courtesy of our fabulous editor, Janine. This is literally the best place in the world to work!!
La vie est faite de petits bonheurs
Yours in fashion
Litha, editor’s intern

I came to work with a smile today. I browsed for pictures of careers for women, clingy girlfriends and helped Judy, Sally's full-time intern, look for pictures of Kourtney Kardashian's famous blue shoes. Sally showed me around the large-format printing area where the final details and etching is done - I was like a kid in a candy store! "Let them have cake"…again! A day at seventeen isn't  a proper day without cake. We enjoyed "too-pretty-to-eat" cupcakes that Janine had specially made for her birthday, how awesome! They tasted even better than they looked. It's still so weird to think that I'm working at my favorite magazine and doing something I hope to one day call my job. Still having loads of fun with my fellow interns and the seventeen crew. Oh, and I'm leaving with a smile today.
Ancimi, Art Intern

Having gotten rid of the first day jitters I came in today knowing where to go and loving that I had things to do as I sat down. Yesterday went by like a blur and today is doing the same thing! It's so much fun writing and spending time pouring over the Hollywood gossip websites and fashion pictures. It was fun yesterday to go down to the little restaurant on the ground floor of the building, having lunch and pretending like we have been there forever was cool and the food was great.
Danielle, Features intern